«The network of digital weather stations,» #MoSJSA

We’ll start the series of posts about the projects of Sakha Junior Science Academy members under the new hashtag simply #MoSJSA. 

Today, we are presenting «The network of digital weather stations,» the project conducted by Kirill Kunitsyn, 17 years old programming prodigy from The Information Technology Lyceum N24, Neryungri, Republic of Sakha Yakutia.

Kirill started programming when he was 7 years old, and seriously got interested in it after 6 years of tinkering with BASIC when he was introduced to «Kumir» programming language, the project funded by The Russian Academy of Sciences.

When they started to study Solid geometry in high school, Kirill thought it would be helpful to him to measure case elements more accurately for his digital weather stations project, and he did so.  

What fascinates is that Kirill uses, for example, plastic from a bottle of water for the cases, the idea is to recycle the plastic and make something useful from it instead of throwing it away. 

It’s all detail, what important is that his project is fully working and collecting all the needed data and Kirill is working on to scale his project.