Dr Vasilii Pavlov: Greetings to the ITO-2020 Participants

Well, I am so happy to address to you all! I am Dr Vasilii Pavlov, the principal of the Sakha Junior Science Academy. I…

Опубликовано Tuymaada Olympiad Пятница, 2 октября 2020 г.

Well, I am so happy to address to you all! I am Dr Vasilii Pavlov, the principal of the Sakha Junior Science Academy. I am based in 60 km from Yakutsk, which is the capital city of Yakutia and is located in the middle of this region, a vast land as big as the Indian subcontinent< and many of you may have heard of it as the Eastern Siberia or the Russian Far East.

My organisation has been busy organising the International Tuymaada Olympiad for the last 27 years.

Esteemed members of the Jury, the International Steering Committee!

Dear participants of the 27th International Tuymaada Olympiad for High School Students in Mathematics!

It is a profound honour to greet you all at the 27th issue of the Tuymaada Olympiad, which every year takes place in this ancient Valley of Tuymaada, in the very heart of Siberia, a land of friendly and honest people, and we are always full-heartedly welcome you as though you are our lifelong friends! Although the ground here has been frozen from deep inside since the times immemorial, the warmth of our heart make for a true climate of friendship and cooperation. These two virtues help people to survive any adversity and withstand any elements of nature. The Tuymaada Olympiad is well known for those very qualities.

This year was indeed the year of worldwide disruption, which continues unabated. Despite this calamitous situation, life goes on. Our beloved Tuymaada Olympiad becomes ever more important as a bridge and a beacon that unite young people in many different places for the love of science, especially in its purest form such as the mathematics.

Many people have worked tirelessly and are working very hard to make this Olympiad happen. These are the Olympiad problem designers, technical staff of the Olympiad, volunteers and invigilators, very many friends and supporters of the Tuymaada Olympiad! The kudos go to them for their dedication and selfless desire to continue this good tradition.

You all know very well that this year the Tuymaada Olympiad will be a virtual event. Some of you will be working in some unseemly hours, but I tell you it is worth it. Worth it for the sake of adventure the Olympiad is, for the sake of bravery that every Olympian displays in abundance! Worth for the sake of our future which will be a bright and happy one, not in a lesser degree because of this Olympiad!

You are the Olympians and you are made of the most sterner stuff, your perseverance is legendary, and your attention focus is laser precise. With all these qualities, you are the future of the world that we hope to see, bright and happy, full of knowledge and wisdom. And saying that I would like to wish you the very best in your Olympics endeavours, let it be a fair play and true friendship. For the Judges, I want to wish you serenity and wisdom in your judgment! For the organisers and volunteer all the success in your work!